Pinstripe on Pyongyang

pinstripe 1As always, a sane and rewarding read at the Thin Prinstriped Line on the situation in NK and how it might affect us in Europe. And how the UK, for one, might in a small way affect it:

The takeaway from Sir Humph is this –

For those who say that this doesn’t matter, then they should consider this – namely that any war which damages the South Korean and wider Asian economy will also have a massively damaging impact on our own economy. The global economy is so interlinked now that the fallout from the conflict could see major job losses and economic difficulty in the UK, plus the wider ramifications of human tragedy that inevitably follows a conflict. By following this properly, understanding the situation and being able to hopefully influence in a very small way, the UK is able to try and ensure it is best placed to understand and help resolve the situation. As a member of the P5, and a nation with strong economic and cultural interests in the region, the UK does have a strong vested interest in the peaceful resolution to this current situation.

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