New Europe and Asian security – my enemy’s enemy?

imagesPivot watchers may assume that what Don Rumsfeld called ‘new Europe’ (countries that joined the EU and NATO in latter post USSR years) are concerned at the US Pivot to Asia because the drawdown of America’s commitment to European security will reduce the credibility of the deterrent against Russia on their borders. Some members of ‘old Europe’ further west are less concerned about Russia than threats from North Africa or the middle East, and might welcome the opportunity the Pivot offers to give impetus to Europe’s Common Foreign and Security Policy. But surely New Europe will oppose the pivot to the extent that it might leave them having to fend for themselves?

I suppose that depends on Russia’s behavior. Judging from recent events, it occurred to me that exactly the opposite may be true.

Russia is conducting massive military exercises in its Far East, which some say are aimed at intimidating East Asians. If you are on Russia’s western borders, wouldn’t it make sense to make common cause with your counterparts in Japan, the Republic of Korea and perhaps China too? If this continues, wouldn’t it be logical to expect the Baltic states, Norway, Poland, etc. reach out to explore various modes of defence cooperation with Tokyo and Seoul? And perhaps also Beijing?

Might the geo-strategic perspective of the New Europeans become a main driver of Europe’s interest in Asian security and Europe’s own Pivot?


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2 responses to “New Europe and Asian security – my enemy’s enemy?

  1. Russia’s interests, or rathet Putin’s desires, has more to do with becoming a “super-power” again, and to control as many natural resources as possible. Russia is actively engaged in Syria, displaying its Middle East policy. Russia is cooperation with Iran which now has Iraq as one of its client states, and Russia is fexing its muscles in the Far East to keep China in check.
    As for as Russia nd Europe, at this stage of the game, it does not appear that the Russian are eager to dominate Europe at the expense of other target that should yield better results.

  2. Thanks for postting this

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