Ukraine, Crimea and Asian Security


What does the present crisis in Ukraine have to do with Asian security?

Here (link) is an article that provides some ideas: Ukraine’s Lessons for Asia.

For me the main point to take away is that China’s choice not to condemn Russia’s action reveals that its rhetoric about standing up for the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of sovereign nations is tactical and expedient, rather than a genuinely held ideological position. Bonnie Glaser at CSIS thinks Beijing is agonizing about this, but so far their actions speak louder than words. It is therefore reasonable to assume that China will not be constrained by this principle against taking action similar to that currently under way in Crimea. Russia may, ironically, be among those to suffer the consequences.

Lessons so far:

1. China’s support for non-interference principle is a tactical rather than a genuinely ideological position.

2. UN Security Council members and the international community are not willing to uphold UN Charter principles to defend sovereignty where the interests of a militarily powerful and/or nuclear armed state are at stake.

3. NATO, US and EU are war-wary and cannot be relied on to back up talk with action on the ground in support of a partner or just cause.

4. Putin’s Russia is a gambler emboldened by success. Fuse of over-reach is lit and burning down.

5. Ethnic solidarity is the stratcom successor to the ‘humanitarian intervention’ trope. Beware passport diplomacy and ‘protection of nationals’ narratives.


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6 responses to “Ukraine, Crimea and Asian Security

  1. In summary then; it highlights the impotency of NATO and what NATO originally stood for. In a year or two, the events of Ukraine that are being played out now will undoubtably be eclipesed by future events – perhaps a further escalation of island territorial disputes in the south China sea……….

  2. satinder

    Putin has made a statement. It is not the era of the ‘Bretton Woods Institutions’. He is striving for the glory of the 40’s that Russia a.k.a Soviet Russia enjoyed.

  3. Qaisar

    When it is in the interest of the west, the west makes a lot of hue and cry.
    I am happy that Putin was bold enough to stand up to the US & EU.
    Cremia, I am sure is in the Russian hands, there will be a lot of talk but no practical action.
    Actually, it is the hypocritical attitude which is taking it down.
    When you stand up to something, do it on principle my friends.
    Every one is talking of the Iranian bomb, no body mentions the Isreali bomb ? Why not ?
    Bin Laden was a danger to the west, he was taken out – very Good.
    We have half a dozen people from Baluchistan, who are a danger to Pakistan, are being hosted by the EU, UK and UN, if our people get them killed, all hell will break loose in the western press.
    So ???

  4. Yusuf Umit Akalin

    When dealing with Cremia we should see the realities from the eyes of native people not from the conflicts.

    • That sounds like a good idea. Who counts as ‘native people’ in this case? People living in Crimea or people living in Ukraine and Russia?

      • Yusuf Umit Akalın

        I think when we are talking about native we do rely on the people who really lives on that ground…
        You may say that the people has voted, but I have doubt about the feelings of the people. Most probably they have voted because of negative influences of Ukraine for the Crimea.

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