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Europe’s undeclared role in Asian security – time to bring the arms trade under strategic control?

eurofighterPeople sometimes ask ‘what should be Europe’s role in Asian security?’, but surely we have first to understand the role European nations and their institutions are already playing.

Something that doesn’t often get discussed (excepting the EU embargo on arms to China) is the increasingly important role played by Europe as supplier of defence equipment and technology to Asia, Continue reading


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On Strategy – East of East of Suez, The UK military presence in the Asia Pacific Region

Sir Humphrey authors an informative blog entry on the UK’s presence in the Asia Pacific – to be followed by ‘part II’, which will be about possible challenges and threats in the region, the role of the Five Power Defense Arrangements and wider UK engagement.


Part II of the series looks more broadly at the alliances we have and what the threat may be.

Part III looks briefly at the future, and try to get some mobile phone signal on the crystal ball…

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