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EU and Japan to deepen foreign and security partnership at 19 November summit

HR Ashton shaking hands with Japan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fumio Kishida

HR Ashton shaking hands with Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Fumio Kishida

“We agreed that the forthcoming EU-Japan Summit Summit …would take place on 19 November in Tokyo. We expect it to focus on three themes: how to build upon and sustain the economic revival we are now seeing on both sides, and the contribution this will make to stabilising the global economy; how to build a closer partnership on foreign and security policy; and what we do to take forward our shared global interests

(emphasis added)

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EU Priorities in East Asia

Priorities for EU Diplomacy in East Asia by David O’Sullivan

Chief Operating Officer of the European External Action Service

12 February 2013 GRIPS Forum, Tokyo

Let me begin by thanking Professor Narushige Michishita for his introduction and the Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) for giving me this opportunity to speak about the priorities for EU diplomacy in East Asia.

1. The new geostrategic context

Before I get into that, I would like to begin by setting out the wider context: how we see trends in and around the region and how these affect our policy options and choices. Continue reading

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A budding “Trans-Eurasia Alliance”? RUSI launches in Japan

“A trans-Eurasia alliance” – is that what we can expect from stronger linkages between Japan and the UK?

This was one of the ideas aired at the October 2012 launch event for RUSI Japan, which is pitched as “an independent research hub for Asia-Pacific defence and security”.

The idea of the trans-Eurasia alliance between Japan and Europe or Japan and UK “would make the world a more stable place” said Dr Chiaki Akimoto, the head of RUSI’s new Japan office.

Like the Taliban, the London-based Royal United Service Institute (RUSI) has a satellite office in Doha, Qatar. Continue reading


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