Who is this blogger?

I am a literate practitioner in the field of international security and peace operations. I am interested in Europe-Asia security interaction.

I use this blog to express my personal opinions, and the content should on no account be taken as reflecting on the position of my employers.

I would be delighted to hear from you if you have ideas about this blog or other things to discuss. I can be reached at the following address:


4 responses to “Who is this blogger?

  1. Dear Philip,
    I just discovered your site and realise we have a lot in common regarding a professional interest in asian security issues and somewhat overlapping professional background. And we both live in Brussels. I suggest we have a coffee, tea or whatever together to chat. I live in the Avenue Louise area and work mostly in the Schuman area. Have a look at the website of the European Institute for Asian Studies….www-eias.org and see some of things we do and I write about.
    Hope to see you


    Great blog, Phillip! I’m a Japanese translator, and your tag cloud is quite similar to mine. I look forward to hearing more from you here and on LinkedIn. ~Chikako

  3. Phil,

    Mr. Fouquet, whom I believe I met at EIAS earlier this year, stole my comment. I would like to join both of you for coffee if I could be so bold as to crash your party.

    My credentials on the Navisio Global website…


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