Welcome to the Europe Asia Security Forum.

There is lots of comment about Asian Security in the English language media, but much of it comes from an American perspective. Some of it is very worthwhile, but as I come from the UK and currently live in Geneva I am also interested in what my fellow Europeans have to say.

It seems they have more to say than was formerly the case and some of it is worth sharing. As important, Asians have things to say about European security and we could do worse than listen to them in addition to our traditional interlocutors. Since this blog was launched at the end of 2011, we have heard more about how European security is connected to Asian security. We have heard about the ‘European Pivot‘, and there have been calls from the US and from Asia for Europeans to get involved more directly in Asian security.

But is anyone listening? Perhaps, in LondonGermany has been attentive too. We’ll see about France come the next whitepaper on defence. The EU has certainly ‘talked the talk’ in 2012. But rhetoric aside, pending concrete action we are left wondering – Is this just the latest IR trend? Something to put in place of the tired post-Cold War and 9/11 narratives that have become discredited? Time will tell. Your comments will also tell, I hope.

Posts are searchable according to popularity and chronology (‘top’ posts, ‘recent’ posts on links to the right) or the four themes of Fear, Honour, Interest and Strategy. The rationale for these themes is available by clicking the respective tabs above.

This is a young blog but I hope with your help it will grow. All your comments are appreciated.

2 responses to “Home

  1. henk houweling

    Before posting comments or possible contributions to the debate on this forum, I am interested to learn about the people who organized the forum and their possible relationship to governments or government supported think tanks in Europe and or the US. Who is financing this service?

    • I organized this forum, and the financing (about 100 USD per year for the website) comes out of my pocket. You can see details about who I am on this site but in short I am an independent consultant. I have worked for government and NGOs in the past, and no doubt I will do so again. I have no permanent contract with any government at present.

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