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Where is Asia in the European Foreign and Security Policy?

Should Europe enact its Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)  in a mainly regional framework (and leave the rest for America), or should it adopt a global framework that includes Asia?

James Rogers noted  in early 2010 that:

The European Union’s current grand strategy is still in the making. But under Javier Solana’s tenure, it developed increasingly under the rubric of ‘global actor’ or ‘global power’. Many Europeans realised that the old ideas were no longer sufficient and that a new approach was needed. This meant that the European Union needed to acquire and maintain a military capability and engage in geopolitical engineering, especially around the European Neighbourhood. But this approach is limited by the different interests of the Member States and various well-meaning but nevertheless mistaken individuals who would like the European Union to become a ‘normative power’ or focus on something known as ‘human security’. So the ‘global power’ grand strategy is by no means here to stay – it could itself be dislocated by unfavourable events.

According to its (2003) European Security Strategy (EES) the position was clear – the scope would be global: Continue reading

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