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On Strategy – East of East of Suez, The UK military presence in the Asia Pacific Region

Sir Humphrey authors an informative blog entry on the UK’s presence in the Asia Pacific – to be followed by ‘part II’, which will be about possible challenges and threats in the region, the role of the Five Power Defense Arrangements and wider UK engagement.


Part II of the series looks more broadly at the alliances we have and what the threat may be.

Part III looks briefly at the future, and try to get some mobile phone signal on the crystal ball…

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US Task Force 2012 – Look East, Act East: Transatlantic Strategies in the Asia-Pacific Region

A fascinating survey as part of a project looking at how Europe and the USA could cooperate on a range of issues (including security) in Asia.

This is worth keeping track of.

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UK moves into Asia-Pacific – Strategic thinking and the European dimension

UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs William Hague gave this speech at the IISS Fullerton lecture in Singapore on ‘Britain in Asia’.

It will receive due attention in a later post, but for now I recommend it as a good read to give some context to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent tour through Asia.

Here are some excerpts:

My message today is that those who might think that British engagement with Asia is a thing of the past, or that we will become a partner of declining relevance, could not be more wrong. Today Britain is looking East as never before. We are setting our country firmly on the path to far closer ties with countries across Asia over the next twenty years; and on a completely new footing from the past.

On shedding our colonial baggageContinue reading

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